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Rothside Technology Limited

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TRANSFORMER WORLD is a Trade Mark of Rothside Technology Limited



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Rothside Technology Limited was established in 1998 to hublot uk provide a high quality consultancy to rolex replica uk owners and operators of HV and LV electricity distribution systems.  In addition to replica omega the services described on this website Rothside provides guidance on replica rolex asset management, as well as operational and safety issues - including substation inspections and audits.



Roger Brand CEng MIET is a Chartered Engineer, Corporate Member of the Institution of Engineering and Technology (IET) and Company Director.  He takes personal responsibility for all aspects of the business including the content of this website and the delivery of service to clients.  Work is done with the support of carefully selected Associates as required.



Profile:   Roger worked for one of the major utilities in the Electricity Supply Industry in the UK for many years.  As an electricity distribution engineer he has extensive knowledge and experience of systems from LV to 132kV with special expertise in system operations, safety and plant (switchgear and transformers).  Major achievements include an accelerated ageing test on a 132/33kV 45MVA transformer that significantly advanced the understanding of the ageing process.  More recently his work has continued on an independent consultancy basis.